Friday, September 9, 2011

Coop Du Jour

I absolutely ADORE chickens!  When I was in animal rescue way back when in Florida, I was lucky enough to rescue a little white hen I named Fedelia.  This little gal was a gem.  Her morning routine consisted of laying me a fresh egg, making a tour of my kitchen floor to rid it of all it's crumbs, hopping up on my knee to watch me feed my infant daughter and then letting herself out to roam our three acres all day.  When I we sold that home, I gave her to a neighbor who loved her so much, she adopted 4 more hens and a rooster and built them a coop that was the envy of the neighborhood.

Now that I am finally in a place where I can own chickens again, I was quick to aquire three from a woman who needed to rehome hers.  Reenee, Edie, and Beatrice came with a small, rather sad looking coop that was suffering from plain-ness and obscurity. 

Although they didn't know any better, I was embarrassed for them.  Since we couldn't afford a new coop, I thought sprucing up their chick pad just a bit might be in order.

Behold: Cafe De Poulet

Cafe De Poulet's Drive thru Egg Window

Now the chickens can hold their beaks up high and strut their stuff.  They're pretty sure none of their other feathered friends live in a French cafe'.  And their eggs never tasted so good!