Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Had Me At 'BARN'

So I was finishing up a run to my local Tractor Supply Co. and as I was about to unload my minivan, I paused, took a long look and ran inside to get my camera.  Those of you who know me, will attest to the fact that this is the way think a minivan should be used.  Rick says my next vehicle will be a truck because that's what I've made the van into anyway. 

Ain't it perty?  Supplies for the garden and the critters, and plenty of room left for us country folk.

Speaking of the garden.  Although we are renting in subdivision-land right now, I am so blessed to have a community plot on 45 plus acres provided by my church.  My community plot back in Long Beach, which was next to the plots of my dear friends and which provided as much free manure and mulch as I could haul in a wheelbarrow, was smack next to the freeway which drowned out the sounds of nature.  So there are trade-offs.

Speaking of the critters, my husband stepped on some rabbit pellets the other day and said, "I've been steppin in animal poop for our entire 18 years of marriage.  I guess the only solution is to buy you a house with a barn."  At that moment the heavens opened and the angels sang a chorus of "Hallelujah".  He said "BARN"!  My dear husband doesn't even know that as a child growing up in the country, I longed for a barn but my father didn't share my views even though we lived on enough land to build 20 barns.  It was enough to get him to allow me to put in a fence for my horse and I had to dig half the holes.  So when my husband said he would get me a barn when we buy a house, he was speaking my love language.  I don't require much.  Just some manure and hay and a place to keep it.  It only took  him 18 years to figure it out.  I think that's pretty good!
By the way, these are some of my new favorite magazines!  So much fun with lots of information about gardens, critters and BARNS!  Check 'em out! 


  1. Looks great Carin! Miss You :)

  2. You betcha' barns are the greatest. I just got done building a tiny chicken house and I have a garden shed & bench, but a barn would be lovely - just not sure where it would fit on our double lot. After all, I have garden beds, fruit trees and berries there already & there really is only so much room.