Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Enjoy Your Bliss, Sister

We spent a fabulous day on Saturday stopping at every overlook we came to, enjoying as much as we could of the Grand Canyon. By late afternoon, our brains could take no more of the spectacle. We were exhausted and at our WOW limit so we headed toward Sedona. If you've never been there, you need to make it a destination.
We arrived after dark and in the morning we were greeted by this.
And this.

We drove around town reveling in the beauty and checking out the shops.  The health food store here, New Frontiers, is amazing!  They actually have their own organic farm. As the woman behind the juice bar handed my husband his carrot juice she said, "Enjoy, brother."  That is spirit of the people here.

Then we took the girls to a trout farm and they really enjoyed feeding the trout.
By the end of the day, we had found the perfect spot to photograph Angelina in her finished sweater.
We dined at a wonderful restaurant with an amazing view of the red rocks at sunset and as the waitress brought me my food, she said, "Enjoy your bliss, Sister."
This was my "bliss" and I enjoyed every bite!

 Rick as we were passing a tacky Fred Flintstone campsite outside of The Grand Canyon:  "You know what Yabba Dabba Doo is don't you?  It's what you look for when you're hunting Yabba Dabba"


  1. Absolutely Gorgeous sites Carin! The backdrop behind Angelina in her beautiful sweater doesn't even appear real!! I think you've convinced me to take a visit there! =)

    P.S. Add photography to the list of amazing things you are GREAT at!! Until next time!

  2. Liz Zaragoza GuerriniApril 20, 2010 at 9:59 PM

    Gorgeous photos of Sedona -- and Angelina with the finished sweater! Way to go! Will you put these pictures side by side somewhere? What will you make the model from Sedona to Tennessee? I'm hooked...haha no pun intended :)

  3. 1. Told you Sedona was beautiful!
    2. Angelina's sweater turned out gorgeous, of course.
    3. Your hubby is cracking me up man!

  4. Awesome road trip!