Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Very Own "Polly" Pocket

Oooh!  I'm a bit giddy and just a little woosy with excited!  I placed my order today for a brand new Pocket Wheel These wheels weigh all of 6 pounds!!!  They actually will fit into a tote bag. No, no, get this, they are so small, you can even spin in your car!!!  (I suggest you have someone else drive.)
These wheel were originally made by their designer Doug Dodd but for some reason, he ceased making them about a year ago. They were nearly impossible to get your hands on until now!  Jon McCoy is now making these wheels, each one by hand and as of today, he has begun taking orders!  No foolin'  Wait time for your handmade wheel is approx. 3-4 months but, Oh, it will be worth the wait.  I will at last be able to throw my wheel in a bag and take it with me to spin anywhere.  This does not diminish in any way, the love I have for my Majacraft Suzie Pro but I have to admit she's feeling a bit heavy these days at 14+ pounds. And my Suzie is made of that luscious and soft New Zealand remu wood which easily dents with the slighest knock so my tender little Suzie is best left at home where she can be pampered.
So as I'm packing, I will be dreaming of my wee Polly coming to life in the hands of Mr. McCoy and when we are settled down in our new homestead in Tennessee, I will await her arrival with all the
anticipation she deserves.