Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ahhh...Spinning Day!

Ahhhh......Spinning Day! 

It's when I turn some of this amazing stuff

Into this amazing stuff!

I read a long time ago that Stephanie Pearl McPhee sets aside Tuesday as her spinning day.  Now I'm not one to copy but I did think that was a brilliant idea to adopt into my busy life.  My schedule is so crazy between homeschooling, teaching classes, growing our vegetables, cooking our food and eeking out whatever crafting time is left in my day, that if I don't set aside a day once a week to spin, my poor spinning wheel will sit forlornly in the corner collecting dust balls big enough to...well, spin.  So Tuesday spinning day works for me too and if it's only a half hour I get well, by golly, then I'm using it to spin.
Shhh....Don't tell anyone, but I applied for a SOAR scholarship!  EEK!  YES!  I did it!  I applied for a SOAR scholarship.  If you're not familiar, SOAR is the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat sponsored by Spin-Off Magazine.  It's not something I would normally do as I never feel right taking anything for free.  I guess it goes back to some deep-seeded childhood traumatic memory of having my heart crushed by Joey McGlauphlin in fifth grade when he told me not to sit next to him, that he was saving that seat for Kim Nichols and not feeling worthy.  But I was thinking, I NEVER go to workshops, mainly because they are just not in the budget and because I have two little girls who need their mommy.  Everything I have learned, I have learned on my own or from watching youtube.   But I said to myself, "By golly, Why Not!! (Who needs Joey McGlauphlin anyway!)"  After getting hubby's approval to watch the girls, I did it!
I will not find out until the end of April if I am chosen as a recipient so everyone who's reading this, ready?  Take a deep breath....now hold it until April 20th.


  1. oh wow Carin! I'm so thrilled that I've found your blog!!! I love seeing your crafty skills...spin on sister, spin on!!!

  2. Nani Lauriano LuculescuMarch 5, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    you're right, that spinning business is amazing!!!