Sunday, February 21, 2010

Congratulations! It's a girl!

No, no calm down. I haven't given birth....well at least not in the conventional way. But anyone who's gone through the work of making a Waldorf doll from start to finish will know it's a lot like giving birth. My daughter was so blessed to have an amazing preschool teacher last year at our neighborhood Waldorf inspired school, Maple Village. It was Miss Andrea who inspired me to actually make one of these beautiful dolls. Years ago, she had purchased a doll kit and had never done anything with it. When we met and she became acquainted with my crafting abilities, she gifted me with the doll kit saying, "I can't think of anyone else who would get more use out of this." I was so excited and flattered. Not too long after, I borrowed a doll-making video from a friend (thanks P) and proceeded to give it a shot. I got the head done and set it aside for a while. Then as luck would have it, I took a workshop to make a "heavy baby". Not only did I come away with a lovely baby doll for my younger daughter but I came away with inspiration enough to finish the other doll I had started. In one day she was complete. All but her hair and then I stalled. Back into the box she went until I felt confident enough to tackle the hair. Well guilt set in when the other day, my oldest found the doll in a box and started carrying her around, naked and bald, everywhere! Even to the store. "That's it", I said. "I am going to finish that doll this weekend". Since I was only one sleeve away from finishing a sweater for said doll, I promptly finished that off, sewed on the buttons and set the next day aside for the doll's hair. I was surprised at how easy it was to crochet the wig and to put in the hair strands. I barely got the last piece of yarn attached and the doll was snatched from my hands and immediately loved. When I found the doll this morning with the sweater buttoned on backwards (to pose as a nightgown), I promptly dug into my stack of fabric and picked a lovely flowered flannel to sew up for a nightie. Fortunately Miss Andrea's doll kit included clothes patterns. As expected, as soon as the last stitch was in, before I could even sew on the snap, the doll's nightie was snatched away and put on the doll now named SARAH. My daughter's last words before going to bed were, "Mommy, I need my baby!"  They've been inseperable ever since.   My heart is full!

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  1. that is the sweetest story! thanks for making my heart full too ;-)