Friday, February 19, 2010

Speaking of that Sweater...

So that sweet little raglan sweater by Fiona Duthie that I referred to in my last post, which by the way is from the Spring 2008 issue of Living Crafts Magazine, was originally knit in a size 2 for my dear little 2 year old Abby last February. The yarn is a beatiful thick and thin single that I spun up
 from Cherry Tree Hill hand-dyed WOOL roving. Ok, what's wrong with this picture? I knit it in February, it's wool, it's a size 2, Abby was 2. We live in CA people! What was I thnking? So did she get to wear it more than for a few hours? NOOOO!

I'm so glad I teach knitting classes because there was no way I was going to be self-motivated enough to reknit that sweater in a size 4 so she could wear it this year. So to get a fire lit under my knitting hiny, I scheduled a Child's Raglan Sweater Class and of course I have to knit one along with all my students. So during class ONE, I rip, during class TWO, I cast on in the round, class THREE, I knit the sleeves in the round and by class FOUR, the sleeves are pieced and the collar is knit and Abby has a new size 4 sweater. Also fortunately for me, I had a good amount of the same yarn left over from the size 2 sweater. FYI, 8 oz. of roving will make a child's size 4 raglan pullover sweater spun into a thick and thin single with very little left over. Just in case you're asking. Here is a pic of the new sweater in size 4 with a little of my handspun thrown in for fun. :)

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