Friday, March 12, 2010

I Warned You That I Was A "Natural" Crafter

So what would you do if you were at your local community garden plot, which has been over-run with wild rabbits as of late (and we all know what rabbits will do to a garden) and you find that a coyote or some such critter has decided to make his dinner out of one of them and leave the remains in your garden,  Now I'm an animal lover as much as the rest of you.  I'm a vegetarian, for goodness sake.  In fact, to prove to what lengths I would go, I rescued a baby rabbit half the size of my hand and took it home and kept it safe until it was big enough to release (ok, I did NOT release it back in my garden) even though it's parents and siblings had been desimating my produce.  I just couldn't stand the thought of this little thing being eaten by a coyote.  But, forgive me, I digress.  So what do you think you would do if you found that a coyote had eaten cottontail cuisine in your plot, leaving only a few tufts of fur and a foot?  Well if you're a crafter like me...YOU MAKE SOMETHING!!!
Here's where I'm going to alientate half my readers and endear the other half but here goes.

I soaked the rabbit's foot in bleach water and then dehydrated it in my Excalibur dehydrator (No, there was not any food in it at the time!)  Then I glued a piece of wool felt around the leg end and wrapped it with a rubber band until dry.

Attach a key ring and VOILA!

Instant GOOD LUCK! (Well not for the rabbit)
O Come on, You know you all want one!


  1. All I could think is "but all you can make is a key chain.."
    OH! LOOK! a keychain! :-)

  2. Virginia P. ParkerMarch 13, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    That is awesome! And I don't find anything wrong with using parts of creatures that are "found." I keep saying it is too bad they don't make fur coats out of the road kill. At first reading your posting I was thinking you were going with a rabbit type scarecrow type thing for your garden using the foot.

  3. Oh my goodness, you are so funny!! I LOVE that crafting is in your soul. =)