Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just Call Me Hester

I have to apologize for being away these past few days. I thought my friend's return from Maui meant that she was taking my new love away from me. So what would you do if you knew you only had a day, nay a few hours left with a tantilizing new craft. One that has stolen your heart and made a mockery of your "natural" name. Like that man you want to flirt with, but every fiber of your being says you should never marry. Oh the deliberate strokes of the needle, like they were programmed just for you. Just staring deep into the LCD screen makes you quiver with the anticipation of what's in store. So I ask you...What would YOU do??? You would embroider darn it and you would embroider until you had covered every inch of every fabric, every t-shirt, every doll t-shirt in your home. So that when this cold hard stranger was gone from your life forever, you would have sweet rememberances of your time together. So that's where I've been my friends. Deep in the clutches of a Viking love affair and to heck with all other crafts. And to that I say, THANK HEAVEN FOR BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!! Because when there's a birthday party, a gift HAS to be made and nothing will break the spell of a new craft faster than a deadline.

8:00 am Homeschool

10:30 am Home Appraisal (Yes, We're really moving.)

11:00 am Gather Supplies

11:15 am Layout and Cut

11:30 am Sew Baby Sew (Oh, I do love my serger!)

12:30 pm Present Finished

12:31 pm Present Wrapped

My friend has yet to pick up her Viking so I've covered it, yes, covered it so I can't be lured in by it's colorful images and pre-programmed madness.  I'm free, I tell you!  Free to craft again.  But every now and then I will wear it's image on my chest, my Scarlet Letter, like the Hester Prynne that I am.
And wear it proudly!! 

"Ah, but let her cover the mark as she will, the pang of it will be always in her heart." Nathaniel Hawthorne


  1. Your absolutely corny and i love you so!

  2. Nani Lauriano LuculescuMarch 5, 2010 at 8:41 AM

    Oh my goodness, you crack me up!! It read like a romance novel...the only one I ever attempted. Thanks for making me smile. =)