Thursday, March 11, 2010


Sometimes in life, you just have to crow!! 

W I P Wednesday, I needed to complete my daughter's knitted pants.

TA DA!! (btw, this pattern was published in the premier issue of  Living Crafts Magazine)

Next I needed to turn the heel on my mother's birthday sock.

TA DA!!  (I even picked up the gusset and am starting on the decreases.)

Finally, I needed to sew the fabric backing onto my friend's story blanket.

TA DA!!!

Yesterday was a good day!

As for today...

(Oooh!  Don't you just love mushrooms!)

Two pairs of Waldorf Doll Jammies

And a pair of wool pants to go wth both tops. 

And then, a quick trip to the thrift store...

And look at the rainbow of wool sweaters I picked up.  Oh the things I can make with these!!

And to that I say...TA DA!!!!

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