Wednesday, March 10, 2010

W I P Wednesday

Some of you may already know that Tuesday is Spinning Day in my home. Now, I spin on others days too when I get the chance, but I MUST spin on Tuesday to assure that I will get some spinning accomplished in my busy week. In my last spinning post you saw the beautiful hand-dyed Silk/Superfine Merino from Redfish Dyeworks that I was spinning up. 

It is now finished and yesterday on Spinning Day I began the plying process.  I decided on a two-ply after reading The Intentional Spinner by Judith Mckenzie-McCuin, who recommends a two-ply for knitting lace.  I intend this yarn for a small lace shawl or cowl so I am taking her advice.

I transferred half of my single onto my ball winder using an emptly toilet paper roll as a make-shift bobbin, weighing it all the while to be sure I was getting at least 2 of my 4 oz. on the tube.
And then put the remainder on another tube. Got them on the Lazy Kate and ready to ply.

I was able to start plying last night and will show you the resulting yarn soon!

BUT it is now Wednesday and I have decided to turn Wednesdays into W I P Wednesdays.  If you're a knitter, you know that W I P stands for Work In Progress.  I have so many works in progress, I'm embarrassed to mention them all.  So to force myself into methodically finishing them, I am putting them out there to the blog world for all to see. And for all of you to hold me accountable.  SO, let's begin...
A pair of knitted pants I started for my daughter a year and a half ago.  Fortunately these came out very large so they will still fit her and also fortunately they are knit in cotton so she can wear them into spring and summer.  As you can see, the knitting is finished and they are so close to being pieced.  Then I need to fold the wasteband over and add elastic.  Why have I waited so long?  Next...

A lovely pair of socks I started for my mother in September which were intended for her birthday which was in August.  I actually had the socks finished last month but since I changed needles (going from double points to magic loop) on the second sock to save time, and they came out different sizes, I had to start the second sock over again.  Aaarrgghh!  So much for saving time!  I am so close to starting the heel flap.  If I could get the heel turned today, I'd be happy.  And finally...

My dear friend, K, who lent me the Viking, and who was also one of my students in my Knitted Farm Blanket class needs her blanket sewn up.  I offered to do this for her since she has been so gracious about lending me her amazing machine.  Since I will see her tomorrow, this simply must be done today. 

So that's my W I P for today.  Stay tuned and we'll see if they actually get finished. :)

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